A bundle of information about a query result.

Field Type Description
concreteType STRING
queryResult QueryResult A page of query result.
queryCount INTEGER The total number of rows that match the query. Use mask = 0x2 to include in the bundle.
selectColumns ARRAY<SelectColumn> The list of SelectColumns from the select clause. Use mask = 0x4 to include in the bundle.
maxRowsPerPage INTEGER The maximum number of rows that can be retrieved in a single call. This is a function of the columns that are selected in the query. Use mask = 0x8 to include in the bundle.
columnModels ARRAY<ColumnModel> The list of ColumnModels for the table. Use mask = 0x10 to include in the bundle.
facets ARRAY<FacetColumnResult> The list of facets for the search results
sumFileSizes SumFileSizes The sum of the file size for all files in the given view query. Use mask = 0x40 to include in the bundle.
lastUpdatedOn STRING The date-time when this table/view was last updated. Note: Since views are eventually consistent a view might still be out-of-date even if it was recently updated. Use mask = 0x80 to include in the bundle.