A Project is a top-level container for organizing data in Synapse.

Field Type Description
name STRING The name of this entity.
description STRING The description of this entity.
id STRING The unique immutable ID for this entity. A new ID will be generated for new Entities. Once issued, this ID is guaranteed to never change or be re-issued
etag STRING Synapse employs an Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC) scheme to handle concurrent updates. Since the E-Tag changes every time an entity is updated it is used to detect when a client's current representation of an entity is out-of-date.
createdOn STRING The date this entity was created.
modifiedOn STRING The date this entity was last modified.
createdBy STRING The ID of the user that created this entity.
modifiedBy STRING The ID of the user that last modified this entity.
parentId STRING The ID of the Entity that is the parent of this Entity.
concreteType STRING Indicates which implementation of Entity this object represents. It should be set to one of the following: org.sagebionetworks.repo.model.Project, org.sagebionetworks.repo.model.Folder, or org.sagebionetworks.repo.model.FileEntity.
alias STRING The project alias for use in friendly project urls.