PUT /file/multipart/{uploadId}/add/{partNumber}

After the contents of part have been upload (PUT to a pre-signed URL) this method is used to added the part to the multipart upload. If the upload part can be found, and the provided MD5 matches the MD5 of the part, the part will be accepted and added to the multipart upload.

If add part fails for any reason, the client must re-upload the part and then re-attempt to add the part to the upload.

Resource URL


Resource URL Variables
{uploadId} The unique identifier of the file upload.
{partNumber} The part number to add. Must be a number between 1 and 10,000.
partMD5Hex The MD5 of the uploaded part represented as a hexadecimal string. If the provided MD5 does not match the MD5 of the uploaded part, the add will fail.
Resource Information
Authentication Required
Required OAuth Scopes view , modify
Request Object None
Response Object AddPartResponse