GET /evaluation/{ownerId}/wikiheadertree2

Get a paginated list of all V2WikiHeaders that belong to the given owner Evaluation. The resulting list can be used to build a tree of the WikiPages for this owner. The first WikiHeader will be for the root WikiPage (parentWikiId = null).

Note: The caller must be granted the ACCESS_TYPE.READ permission on the owner.

Resource URL{ownerId}/wikiheadertree2

Resource URL Variables
{ownerId} The ID of the owning Evaluation.


The index of the pagination offset. For a page size of 10, the first page would be at offset = 0, and the second page would be at offset = 10.


Limits the size of the page returned. For example, a page size of 10 require limit = 10.
Resource Information
Authentication Required
HTTP Methods GET
Request Object None
Response Object PaginatedResults<V2WikiHeader>