GET /entity/{id}/threads

This API is used to get N number of threads that belongs to projects user can view and references the given entity.
Target users: anyone who has READ permission to the entity.

Resource URL{id}/threads

Resource URL Variables
{id} - The request entityId
limit - Limits the size of the page returned. For example, a page size of 10 require limit = 10. The maximum Limit for this call is 20.
offset - The index of the pagination offset. For a page size of 10, the first page would be at offset = 0, and the second page would be at offset = 10.


- The field to sort the resulting threads on. Available options: DiscussionThreadOrder.


- The direction of sort: true for ascending, and false for descending
Resource Information
Authentication Required
HTTP Methods GET
Request Object None
Response Object PaginatedResults<DiscussionThreadBundle>