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User Guide


  • FAQ: What is Synapse?

How To Articles

  • Annotations and Queries: Learn about using custom metadata, how to assign and modify annotations, and how to query them for analysis.
  • Discussion Forums: Explore the features of the discussion forum and how to use it to help your collaborations.
  • Synapse Docker Registry: The Synapse Docker registry provides a space for Synapse users to store and distribute their Docker images per Synapse project.
  • Forms: Embedding Synapse Forms to Collect Data into Tables
  • Links: Creating, and modifying links on Synapse.
  • Provenance: Learn about how Synapse visualizes and tracks the relationships of files and projects for reproducibility.
  • Tables: Creating, modifying, and querying tabular data on Synapse.
  • Teams: Form teams to easily manage groups of users for purposes of project access, communication, and challenges.
  • User Accounts: Create your user account and manage your profile
  • Views: Use project and file views to query across multiple projects and folders.
  • Wikis: Create wikis to provide narrative content for your research.

Governance and Security

  • Conditions for Use: Conditions for Use determine how data in Synapse may be used by those who have been granted access.
  • Sharing Settings: Sharing settings determine who can access content in Synapse.

API Clients

In Practice