Making a Project

What is a Synapse Project?

Projects are a great place to organize your work. Here are a few things you can do with a Synapse Project:

Organize Your Work

With Synapse you can organize the parts in your workflow (data, code, etc) into a hierarchy like a file system.

Store Data, Code & Results

You can upload your data, code and results to Synapse, or simply store a reference to where they are on your local computer system.

Set Sharing Level

You have complete fine-grained control over how users and groups can interact with your work. Work privately or collaborate openly, and everything in between.

Custom, Searchable Annotations

Assign any key/value pair you want, and those values become searchable and available to those granted access to see.

Full Programmatic API & R Integration

Synapse is built on a REST API, so you can interact with Synapse using any programming language. We have built out full featured clients for R and Java.

Attach Figures and Documents

Upload documents and images via the website or programmatically.

Describe & Version

Describe each of the elements in your workflow, and then version those when you see fit. This allows you to explicitly record which version of the code you ran on which version of the data.

Create Links & See Usage

See some data stored elsewhere on Synapse? Make a link to store it in your project. Want to see what projects are using your data? They are displayed automatically.

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