Discussion forums are a way to easily communicate with others in a message board style manner which is visible to all those with whom a project is shared. In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Create a message thread and respond to a current thread
  • Manage automatic notifications
  • Moderate a discussion forum

Creating a Message Thread and Responding to Existing Threads

The Discussion tab can be found as the left-most tab on your project’s main page, and anyone with Project access may view discussion threads contained therein, create new threads or reply to existing threads.

To create a new thread, click the New Thread button at the top of the Discussion tab.

This opens a New Thread dialog box in which you can edit text, insert pictures, code, TeX, Widgets, or Markdown script. As with Wiki editing, a Formatting Guide is available to show you what formatting features are available.

synapse logo Tip: As with Wikis you may tag people (by including @ + username) or link to Synapse entities (by simply typing a Synapse Id).

Please see the Wikis guide for more information.

Within an existing thread, you may use the Reply button to write a reply to an existing discussion. All editing features described above are available for this purpose.

You may edit or delete any forum post you’ve created by clicking the pencil icon or the trash can icon, respectively, located in the bottom right corner of the post.

Managing automatic notifications

You may subscribe to a Discussion forum for a particular Project by clicking the Follow button on the main discussion page. When this feature is activated you will receive email to your Synapse-registered email address whenever a new thread is created or a reply to an existing thread is posted. You can use the Unfollow button at any time to discontinue this subscription.

Additionally, to change notification settings on an individual thread you can use the eye icon which is visible from within the thread. This can be used to stop receiving reply notifications for that individual thread when you’ve followed all activity in a discussion forum, or to follow activity in only a select thread.

Moderating a Discussion Forum

Project administrators have moderator privileges for discussion forums in all projects to which they have administrator privileges. Moderators may delete threads and replies from all users using the trash can icon next to the original post, which deletes the entire thread, or an individual reply, which deletes only that comment, from inside the thread page.

Moderators may also “pin” important threads using the pin icon located next to the original post within the thread page. This causes the thread to be highlighted on the top of the thread list on the Discussion main page.

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